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Empowering people to help nations grow

New Cognito is a subsidiary of Mitrelli, an international group of companies with vast accumulated experience in developing countries, that initiates, designs, executes, and operates large-scale long-term sustainable turnkey projects.

Working in collaboration with governmental and private entities, Mitrelli is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of countries and growing societies around the world.

Developing unique, innovative, and comprehensive solutions, with a fit-for-purpose approach and experienced multidisciplinary professional teams that face the most complex challenges, Mitrelli is focused on projects that promote national growth and prosperity, ensuring transfer of know-how and adequate training, while matching the needs of national priorities.

In each and every project, Mitrelli puts an emphasis on the social and cultural aspects, empowering entire communities to take advantage of their skills and resources.

Mitrelli’s approach

With a thorough understanding of the communities we serve and their cultures, Mitrelli Group subsidiaries create solutions of consistently high quality that address real needs, providing innovative financing solutions when required. By adapting project design to local conditions and training local personnel, we assure sustainability. This is how we bring ideas to life.

Each Mitrelli subsidiary has proven expertise in its sector. When facing complex challenges, multiple companies often work together. Multidisciplinary synergy is our force multiplier — and our customers’ added value. Each of these fields listed below adds up to a remarkable collection of blueprints for existing and future operations. Mitrelli calls these its ‘Action Paradigms’ – tools to illustrate and explain each life-changing success:

Our Sectors

Culture, Tourism & Leisure
Educational & Professional Training
Agriculture & Fisheries
Social Responsibility
Housing & Construction
Geographical Information Solutions
Environmental Protection
Information Communication Technologies
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