Cellular Infrastructure Experience

// Turnkey cellular infrastructure solution Movicel, West Africa

Turnkey project and civil work infrastructure including towers,shelters, fences, generator and all supporting environment for the Cellular equipment.

Satellite Multi Sector Experience

// Multi Sector HUB Backbone Infrasat, Africa

New Cognito deployed the largest Multi Sector HUB backbone in Africa for the Angolan Government, based on a Turnkey Solution.

// MicroWave National BackBone Angola Telecom Backbone

New Cognito provided a Large scale solution for Angola Telecom for the National MW Backbone operation (PRIT).

Radio VHF, HF and Tetra: Frequency Spectrum Monitoring & Management

// National Police Communications Backbone

New Cognito has provided law enforcement organizations and crisis management entities several Tetra stations including all civil works, tower, solar and generators energy and MW backbone.

Outdoor Wifi and Wireless Projects

// Wifi Project

Implementation of Wi-Fi Outdoor network for the 2010 African Soccer Games. New Cognito provided full turn-key solution for Broadband Wireless internet connectivity. The project included: Full turn-key of 100 base stations providing coverage in the main cities area, access control system and prepaid billing, QoS to the IP level and wireless level, an internal firewall and more.

WiMax and LTE Projects

// NetOne Project

Implementation of WiMax/LTE Network Operator and management. New Cognito established state of the art 802.16e Mobile WiMax network for Angolan ISP and telecom operator “MS-Telecom”, providing high speed internet connectivity and VoIP Telephony services. New Cognito also created full turn-key civil work infrastructure including roof-tops, towers, shelters, fences, generator etc. The project also included WiMax Network infrastructure BTS, ASNGW, Billing and Prepaid system, MGW and NGN.

Television Studios and Graphic Systems

// TV Zimbo, West Africa

New Cognito has planned and Implemented three full broadcast TV Studios for TV Zimbo including News, Sports and Magazine Studios. The project includes implementations such as the supply and installation of studio backgrounds, graphic engines, camera cranes, control rooms, among others.

FM Radio Stations

// RNA Angola

New Cognito provided Radio Nacional de Angola with state of the Art FM Radio Stations across the country. There are already more than 10 operational stations out of 164 that will broadcast local and national programs to the community. New Cognito provides radio planning, radio equipment, site infrastructure, power solution, civil works and a complete services package.

Migration Services Systems and Intelligence Documents

// New System for Visas and ePassports, Migration Services, Africa

New Cognito worked with 60 embassies and 27 Local Offices in Angola to enhance system security, based on OnePlatform Biometric data.

IT Infrastructure

// BNA, Angola

The project aims at restructuring the network infrastructure, information security and licenses management for the Banco de Nacional de Angola.

// ENAD, Angola

New Cognito provided a complete IT solution, including data center, along with increasing network performance, system security, management and monitoring.

// CLESE, Angola

New Cognito worked with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Local Employment Services, building IT structure from scratch, in a modern layout with architectural vision and flexibility. 

Management and Revenue assurance

// Angola Telecom

The project included the implementation of fraud management and revenue assurance systems for the telecom provider, Angola Telecom.

Cutting Edge Governmental Biometric Migration Systems

// Developing highly advanced governmental documentation and biometric recognition systems, along with enhanced archiving solutions.

With New Cognito, 68 embassies and 27 local Angolan offices have been upgraded to one of the most advanced systems in the world, using embedded Biometric data and high security documents based on OnePlatform Biometric data technology, as well as a cutting edge archiving data management platform.

This revolutionary change in the SME’s systems have improved service to the public, improved the SME’s public image, enhanced system security, and greatly improved the overall efficiency of migration processes.

Analyses and Restructuring of Cyber Networks

// Bank BNA, Africa

This complex project aims at analysing and restructuring the network infrastructure, cyber information security and licenses management for the Banco de Nacional de Angola. Tell-IT’s Cross Platform high level analysis enables the BNA to reach new levels of growth by implementing efficient, up to date and secure systems.

Today, systems need to be dynamic and constantly evolving, keeping pace with the ever changing requirements of worldwide business and banking regulations. 

This is a difficult goal to achieve. 

Understanding BNA’s existing network assets is the first step in planning system enhancements; Empowering the organisation to reach new levels of growth, perform strategic acquisitions and upgrade existing platforms. 

Understanding is born of analysis- and Tell-IT’s Cross Platform high level analysis encompasses all aspects of the current network components, including detailed documentation of the network topology, architecture of the bank’s environment, employed services and applications, comprehensive inventory and topology mapping, analysis of the current regulations and enforcement in the areas of Anti Money Laundering, cyber fraud and cyber security.

Tell-IT’s team of highly experienced and certified consultants will assist BNA’s management to determine and prioritize the short term and long term objectives, providing advice on how to achieve them. By the end of this 2 month process, Tell-IT will deliver a book with a comprehensive examination and evaluation of BNA’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations, to guide BNA’s management in future and present decisions.

Understanding is the key to growth, and Tell-IT strives everyday to provide precise analyses and guidance, paving the way for growth.