Business today runs on data. Good data technology and business information management has been difficult to find- Until New Cognito.

New Cognito specializes in the design, architecture, and management of breakthrough IT infrastructure- including virtualization, servers and storage, data centers, monitoring rooms and more. By carefully designing systems that are perfectly matched to our clients needs, we at New Cognito make sure to help companies around the world reach their full potential.

Our IT Services Include:

Data Centers

Disaster Recovery Sites

LAN & Switching


Servers & Storage

SOC / NOC / SIEM / PSIM - Monitoring rooms


Biometric Documents services - key projects of developing a full system of issuing formal governmental documents (Passports , Visa, Driving license).

Governmental data management–large data centers for collect, calculate ,store and deliver up front efficient services managed by up to date and accessible portals and modern E Gov services  services.

Managing efficient revenues from governmental services- control accurate tax for governmental resources consumption. RF, water, electricity, gas and more.
In addition to RF Spectrum management for communication regulators.